Monday, April 21, 2008

Events seem fishy on "Deadliest Catch"

Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch is one of the favs in my household due to it's gritty portrayal of the rough and funny Bering Sea fisherman. But due to a leaked outline that detailed some possibly questionable editing and some reshoots/pickup shots concerning one of the documented ships flooding, Discovery and the show's production house, Original Prods., are doing some major spin control in an attempt to keep what the New York Times praised as "the realest of all reality shows."

This news almost comes right on the heels of last year's Man versus Wild revelation of the host, a man aptly named Bear, was not exactly roughing it as the title of the show suggested. If these events described in the outline are true, it could really become a point of contention as watchers may not be as trusting of this or any reality show's veracity. And even if these accusations are false, the Reality TV Show genre has proven once again that the "real" stars of its shows aren't the talking ones in front of the cameras.

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