Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idle Talk Kills Don and Mike Retrospective Podcast

If you listened to the first day of the Don and Mike Show (either live of on podcast), you could tell something was wrong and I'm not talking about the fact that the hosts, Robb Spewack and Buzz Burbank, sounded like they were mailing it in.

As the archived clips were playing during the entire day, Spewack and Burbank's personal conversation came in and out throughout which was not only irritating but rather rude since one time I heard Spewack refer to the week as "just like a Best Of show". Definitely put the specialness of the show into perspective.

It was like the radio mikes were still "hot" (a DJ term) even after they were switched off. Now, if this was like a DVD with the secondary conversation as a commentary track, I would've loved to hear both of them separately and in their entirety. But mashed together totally killed the good vibes that hearing the old clips provided.

Whoever was in charge of the board during that day should do everyone a favor and just quit so they could go back to the Columbia School of Broadcasting.

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