Monday, April 14, 2008

My "Dinner Party" Experience

If you are an Office fan, then Dinner Party was one for the time vaults. It had everything that makes The Office the show that it is - Michael fighting with Jan, Jim blissfully with Pam, Angela stiff-arming Andy's advances with Dwight heart breaking in the background and uncomfortableness aplenty. And, at least for me, this episode now holds a special place in my heart as it felt like watching an old home movie.

Ya see, I attened a dinner party somewhat like this one. The parallels were downright scary; the screaming, the destruction of property, the alcohol consumption, the cops being called. It was all there except for the aggressively drunk female biting through her boyfriend's leather jacket as he was restraining her, her getting arrested then dropping racial slurs at the cops. Just in case you were wondering, my girlfriend (soon-to-be wife) and I were the Jim and Pam (shocker) of this party.

And that's what sets The Office apart from another comedy like My Name is Earl is that the events on the show could actually be real. From office politics and romance to personal drama, reality seems never too far away from the party. And just like the Dinner Party episode, life sure is uncomforable but damn, it can be so funny.

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