Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Farhi of Post dislikes "edgeless" Mike O'Meara Show

In case you haven't read it, Paul Farhi gave The Mike O'Meara Show a very firm Thumbs Down on today's Station Break chat on the Washington Post website. Although, he tries to spin out of it near the end of the first response but the second response definitely gives his true feelings. "To each his/her own" indeed. Yeah, that doesn't sound too dismissive.

Arlington, Va.: Hey Paul -- What do you think of the new Mike O'Meara show? One thing is for sure; the meanness has been toned down quite a bit. I guess that confirms what we thought all along -- it was Geronimo that was responsible for the Bile-drenched tone of the show. And I say good riddance. How about you?

Paul Farhi: Yes, it's kinder/gentler, but goshdarn, I miss that old bile-spewer Geronimo. The show had more, um, spunk (cut to clip of Lou Grant saying, "I hate spunk!") with Don in the chair. I'll repeat what I said last time: Give Mike O. some time to ease into the lead; he's a really fine broadcaster and superb comic talent. But I really do miss the "edge" that Don had.

Tyson's, Va.: How have the ratings been for "The Mike O'Meara" show? Did he keep the audience from the "Don and Mike Show?" Is it too early to tell? I liked Don & Mike together a lot, but I enjoy the tweaked format (and more Buzz Burbank) that the Mike O'Meara Show has.

Paul Farhi: To each his/her own. And yes, it's a little early on ratings for the new show.

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