Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Geronimo bows early from "The Don & Mike Show"

It appears that retirement came for Washington DC's National Treasure, Don Geronimo (pictured above), a few months early according to the Nation's Capital media blog, DCRTV. Geronimo has decided to step down from his position when the show went on vacation on March 13th. However, starting Monday, April 7th, there will be a four days of highlights from the 20 years of the pair being together on-air done by regulars Buzz Burbank and Robb Spewack with the retired Geronimo coming back for a final send-off on Friday where the jokes will be as plentiful as the tears. On the following Monday (April 14th), the Mike O'Meara show will debut with a new producer in tow but one who is familiar with the show in the person of Beth Ann McBride.

For further info including some choice quotes from CBS Radio executives, click here to read the DCRTV write-up.

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