Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Brooklyn's Finest" writer isn't an Overnight sensation

Yahoo! Movies has a great article on Michael Martin, the new screenwriter of the upcoming Antoine Fuqua-directed "Brooklyn's Finest" and possibly the new writer of New Jack 2. What's surprising about the story is that he's still at his old job even after he sold his first screenplay. It's obvious that he's hasn't become the next Troy Duffy.

For those of you who may not recognize Duffy's name, he sold a screenplay to Miramax and turned that deal into becoming a director of the movie he wrote plus got his band to score the movie. There was also talk of Duffy going in 50/50 ownership with one of Miramax's heads, Harvey Weinstein, in purchasing the bar where he was tending bar. Until his ego went unchecked and he blew it all away.

The movie finally was released with a significantly reduced budget. And there was a documentary crew to catch all of the highs and lows of this epic instant success turned into career flame-out. The movie was Boondock Saints. The documentary was Overnight.

If I would have to pick one to watch, I would go for Overnight every time. Not only is it a great snapshot of the time where the "Indie Movie" scene was blowing up to mainstream success and that you get to see a ton of flannel but it a great character study on how someone should not act once they make it "big" in Hollywood. Success can certain happen overnight but it can be taken away just as quickly.

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