Monday, March 17, 2008

Wii Sports Cheat - Blue Practice Court

Here's another time where I'm providing "fresh" commentary to a stale item. In case you don't read the Wii Sports cheat sheets, here's a way to play a doubles set on the blue practice court:

After selecting the Miis that you will be playing as, hold down the 2 button as you click the A button to pass through the Movement Warning screen (image is shown below).

Continue to hold the 2 button down after the screen fades to black. The next screen you should see is the opening of the match with your selected Miis on the blue practice court. You'll still hear the crowd oohs and ahhs and the game will still play the same but a new court is a great change of pace or those who are somewhat burned out by the standard WTA-like arena.

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