Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" trailer now online

Marvel and Lions Gate have released the trailer for the next Direct-to-DVD video, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. The movie follows the offspring of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes (mentored by Tony Stark) as they avenge their parents by taking on the mechanized evil of Ultron. Here's the trailer:

These Direct-to-DVD have been somewhat inconsistant from being quite decent (the sublime Doctor Strange and the first Ultimate Avengers movies) to the so-so (Iron Man was ehh) to the awful (Ultimate Avengers 2 was just laughable). Jusging by this trailer, this one has the potential to be, at least, similar to the great Teen Titans series but we'll have to wait until this summer to find out if those first impressions are good ones.

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