Friday, March 28, 2008

Sweet 16 - Michigan State versus Memphis

With this tonight's game with Memphis, the Spartans have four possible scenarios. Three of them do not lead to a positive result:

  • The game is a physical one and the refs decide to call the play tight. End Result: The Spartans lose by less than 10
  • The game is a run-and-gun affair and Memphis' pressure gets to State's PGs. End Result: The Spartans lose by more than 10
  • The game is a close one but the Spartans' Bigs decide to disappear (which has happened more times than not). End Results: The Spartans lose by around 10.

But if you've been listening to all of the prognosticators this week, almost all of them have been picking this scenario:

  • The game is a physical one and the refs let both sides bang a little. Memphis' lack of consistant free-throw shooting comes back to haunt them late in the game. End Result: The Spartans win by less than 10.

Case in point, here's some analysis by the worst comb-over since Marv was wearing the toup, Joe Lunardi:

My prediction: The game will be a tough one and both side will have their weaknesses exposed some more (Spartans are scarily inconsistant with both their shot selection and their ball control; Tigers' depth is not the greatest and of course, their free-throws) but at the end, the Spartans should get a few breaks (and calls) and limp away with a 5 point victory.

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