Monday, March 31, 2008

Grudge Match - Weinsteins versus Star Wars "Fanboys"

Who has the power in movie today - the film houses or the ticket buyers? That argument kinda played out this weekend as a grassroots campaign to boycott the Weinstein Brothers' spoof "Superhero Movie" was held this weekend (Friday to be more specific) by a group of Star Wars fans angry about the post-production re-edit of "Fanboys", a movie about a group of friends storming LucasFilms' Skywalker Ranch to see Episode I.

So, who wons? Well, if you go by just the sheer numbers, you would have that the ticket buyers won the battle since the movie only took in $9.5 million in the opening week versus the predicted $14-19 million range. But I think that the real reason that the movie underperformed was crystallized by the "Joe Loves Crappy Movies" webstrip:

However, if you read between the lines (minimal turnout claimed by Weinstein; an over-staffed security force by the protesters), the Weinsteins might win the war since you figure in that they have the power to shelf "Fanboys" indefinitely which really is a posing proposition for both sides. But for me, I'm coming out a winner since I found a new webstrip that I didn't know about but that I'm really digging. Thanks, Harv.

If you want to learn more on the protest, you can hit the Stop Darth Weinstein website.

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