Friday, March 21, 2008

Two Minds - The Boston Celtics St. Patrick's Day Alternate Jersey

Last year, since the local 5 (at least for me) was just dreadful to watch, I decided to take a year-long sabbatical from watching the NBA in any form. But, after missing out on Oden and Durant but getting Allen and Garnet instead, I'm back with the Celts and the NBA in general in true "bandwagon" form, which didn't prepare me for the wardrobe change on Tuesday; otherwise known as the St. Patrick's Day Unis (pronounced You-knees).

As the saying goes, I'm of two minds on the subject of the these Alternate Jerseys and the Celts' Saint Patrick's Day one in particular. When I first tuned in to watch the Celts/Rockets game, I did a double take. To me, it thought that it was a college game with Notre Dame, which doesn't fly with a Michigan State fan at all. And since Boston College is the neighborhood big time team and has a gold-ish hue in their team colors, the initial look made the jersey seem it was made more for the Road to the final Four than the Road to the NBA Championship. Plus, the white block name lettering on the back when everything else was gold seemed cheap.

But as I was fixing to go full on with the urge to hate on the St. Patty's jersey, I looked at it again and noticed how cool the gold script looked against the Celtics Green. The gold clover was silly (in a good way). The white stripe in between the two bands of gold really accentuates how classic the jersey could have been if it was an actual organic (meaning back when the franchise was relatively new) creation versus the new and tired tradition of professional teams whoring out their fans by coming up with multiple alternate game jerseys just to generate additional revenue. And at $75, it's not a decision to make lightly.

Does anyone else out there have an opinion on this jersey specifically or alternate jerseys in particular? I'm ready to break it down wit the best of ya.

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