Monday, March 24, 2008

How Sweet It Is - Michigan State

Although, my "area of the country" was not treated to the Spartans taking out the Panthers (BTW - it's the fifth straight victory for Izzo and MSU against Big East teams), it was sweet enough to watch the updates on the the crawler at the top of CBS' broadcast while watching UCLA almost lose to Texas A&M. The Worldwide Leader's Andy Katz has a nice write-up on Drew Neitzel (pictured above) and his performance last Saturday.

Next up is the Number 1 seed, Memphis. Do you believe that I'm more scared that prognosticators (Dickie V in particular) are going with the Spartans than I am the actual Tigers themselves. Ugh, I'm not liking the role of the favorite for this team in 2008. and the less that is said about brackets, the better (Thanks G-Town.)

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