Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celts knuckle down the Sun by 20

I haven't said too much about the season since really it's all just window dressing for the main event - the playoffs. But with Boston taking their recent Texas sweep, it has become apparant that this team has the chemistry and more importantly, an identity to win it all. Case in point, the Celts dismantle a team like the Suns, who were starting to win after incorporating Shaq into their rotation, behind KG's 30 and their now-traditional team D. Here are the highlights courtesy of ESPN and NBATV:

After this season is over, this team will be adored like the last great Celts team of '86 (even if they do not win a title) with KG as the role of The Resurrector, Allen as The Dagger and Pierce as The Glue.

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