Saturday, March 15, 2008

"The Wire" Exit Interview with David Simon

"The Wire" has been probably the most critically applauded TV series (Pay, Cable, or Network) since I don't know when. But unlike most Network series, they left when they were on top; though not without much speculation as to why the early exit from members of the media and fans themselves. Simon himself tried to appease thos people when he had his farewell letter posted on HBO's website.

But for those seeking a more behind the scenes view of the series and its creator, I highly recommend this great interview of Simon by Charm City's own City Paper. While there are some spoilers in the piece, there are some great points on how the final season was made to be shorter and why Simon appears to be everywhere talking about the show and giving more interview than he had in the previous four seasons. Take the time, print out the page, sit back and digest this definitive look at "The Wire". Plus, there's a great screengrab of Simon behind the computer with a "Save Our Sun" plaque on his cubicle shelf.

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