Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here's a shocker - Pats Suit Dropped

That little whimper that you heard this morning was the news that the lawsuit against the New England Patriots, Owner Bob Kraft and Head Coach Bill Belichick was dropped. That is a stark contrast when compared to when the suit was announced back during the period known to me as the "Blame the New England Patriots with the Death of Modern Sportsmanship Feeding Frenzy" or for others, the month of February.

I've purposely stayed away from dissecting the whole "Spygate" controversy for two reasons: 1) not all of the facts are in or ever will be in and it's hard to make a case either way without knowing what was exactly done, who knew what and how it benefited the team during the game; and 2) there are too many non-qualified people (numerous bloggers and actual professional reporters) giving their heavy-handed and pious sermons and my two cent-ible points would get lost amid the shuffle.

But here's something that I feel that is not rooted in the moralization on the decay of professional sports ethics (which is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one) perpetrated by the New England Patriots. All anti-trust legislation aside, the governing body of the National Football League has made a ruling on the Patriots involvement and have rendered a verdict. Unless there is any new evidence to provide (potential Three Card Monty dealer Matt Walsh included) that can dispute the original findings, the further vilifying of the New England Patriots (and more importantly, their fans) should be dropped faster than this supposed lawsuit.

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