Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NBA's Top 10 Shooting GOATs

The Daily Dime column over at the Worldwide Leader (practically the only column I read on a consistent basis over there) has put up a Special Edition of the Top 10 Shooting GOATs (Guards Of All Time) and I'll give you one guess who's in the top slot:

No argument here (and if you had one, I would have you committed to Saint E's for observation). But I do differ with the others. Here would be my list:

1. Jordan (Killer in every sense of the word on and off the court)
2. Jerry West (Made the Number 2 guard glamorous and became the Logo of the league)
3. Kobe (Has the mean streak and determination to become #2 behind MJ but can he be more than a scoring machine and elevate the players around him?)
4. Sam Jones (So under the radar due to the team he was on but could have been a mega-star if he was on any other team; flat out winner)
5. The Iceman (Brought a level of street game to the league with the finger roll and his ability to break down defenders with either the shot or off the dribble from anywhere on the court)
6. The Pearl (Another "street player" of the 70s who was just so smooth and seemed to always be in control)
7. The Glide (Almost Gervin part2; Not the greatest defender near the end of his career but yo knew that he always came up with a nice steal in the lane that would lead to a fast break dunk)
8. Reggie Miller (Mr. 3-Pointer and would throw it up with the best but could never get that elusive ring)
9. Dumars (Great defender who would light it up if you slept on him; great no-frills partner to flashy Isiah)
10. Iverson (Great individual scorer and durable who got to the Finals almost on his will alone but never could lift the play of his teammates; zero titles hurt his ranking)

Who's in agreement? Did I miss someone? Let me know..

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