Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rocklahoma 2008 Breakdown

Being a teenager of the 80s, I am quite fond of the Heavy Metal genre. Although I lean more towards the Speed/Thrash Metal side of the tracks, I can appreciate and enjoy its awkward drunk cousin otherwise known as Hair Metal; especially live in concert.

Well, it appears that I might not be the only one as there will be a repeat of last year's very successful US Rock festival in Pryor, OK nicknamed Rocklahoma. The 2008 version has a veritable who's who of the Hair Metal period from lighter metalish acts like Night Ranger and Triumph to veteran stalwarts like Cinderella and Poison to slightly obscure acts like Kingdom Come and Armored Saint to reunited groups like Warrant and Extreme. Pryor, OK is gonna be a long weekend full of debauchery, drunkenness, hangovers and devil's horns.

To get the true feel of each act and determine for yourself if a trip to the middle of the country is worth it, go to my favorite Hard Rock web location, Hard Rock Hideout. He can break the lineups down with the best rock critic around.

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