Monday, March 17, 2008

New Def Leppard CD cover art unveiled and "Nine Lives" single

Here's the cover art for Songs from The Sparkle Lounge, the new Def Leppard CD which will be out on April 24th. The art was released on the band's website on a couple of weeks ago but may have been buried by the avalanche of Rocklahoma 2008 press releases. The title of the CD references the small studio that the group uses to write songs. The group also announced that the first "single" (if those still exist nowadays) called Nine Lives will be used to help promote the remaining NBA games on ABC as well as this year's playoffs. So a little forewarning if you are a NBA fan - be prepared to become sick of this song by June.

I caught the majority of the song, which features Tim McGraw in the opening, on YouTube and it's a little south of meh. Not all that great and the son of Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw doesn't really add all that much to the song. But I'm probably not the most objective person on this subject since I feel that the only producer for the group is Mutt Lange, who helped produced the band's comeback CD, Euphoria back in '99.

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