Monday, March 24, 2008

My Demise Is Nearing...

This morning, I received this missive from my old colleague at Movie Poop Shoot/Quick Stop Entertainment, Christopher Mills, which plainly states:
Subject: Your Fictional Demise

Page 3, Femme Noir #4. Murdered by a savage jungle girl from Monster Island.

September, 2008.
Chris is a great guy and a true man of his word when he took me up on my offer to use my name as a victim for his scintillating crime pulp, Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries. The series will be making its debut this summer with Ape Entertainment. My "death" will be in the last issue of the four-issue mini-series; the cover is pictured above with said savage jungle girl on the fire escape. Man, what a way to go.

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