Thursday, March 27, 2008

Five More Days Left - Vote for The Litterbox Chronicles

The Litterbox Chronicles

There's no hiding this fact - Wes Molebash is a friend of this blog and of mine, personally. His art graces the Tripping the Life Fanatic's banner and his web comic is a great, fun read and is the toast of the Viper Website (at least from this biased person's opinion).

Wes has now turned his attentions to conquering another web domain as he has put up eight strips of his new webcomic, The Litterbox Chronicles, at . If you are unfamiliar with Zuda, here's a very quick description. Zuda asks for webcomic submission and selects 10 of the strips to offer up for a month-long competition. The winner gets a very nice cash prize.

The strip centers around two house cats named Sophie and Stella. Both can talk (to each other) and have their own separate agendas. Sophie is usually level-headed and even-tempered girl while Stella is a big-thinker, mad schemer kinda gal which usually gets both of them (much to Sophie's dismay) into some wacky situations.

I see the two cats having a kind of Lucy/Ethel instead of a Pinky/Brain dynamic, which plays very well in a four-panel strip. The chuckles are there to be had in the strip and the art brings the traditional comic sensibilities with it. It is not a revolutionary strip but it enjoys far more than disappoints. Fans of Wes' You'll Have That no doubt will enjoy this series.

However, while the strip may be far from controversial, the more juicier stuff can be found on the strip's message board. Midway through the month, it appeared that there was some argument over the validity of the voters as one troll in particular decided that Wes was networking so well and it was tainting the voting results. Then there were other posters who deemed that the contest was turned from voting for the best strip to a popularity contest.

My question to both of those mindset is "What did you think this thing was, a tea party?" Anything that has to do with masses of people submitting votes boils down to a popularity contest; whether it is for the office of the President of the United States, for the best singer on a TV Reality show or for the best webcomic on If you think differently, then please explain the talentless hack that is Sanjaya and tell me with a straight face that he deserved to stay on American Idol longer than five others. I doubt that will ever happen.

Wes's comic is the best one there (as shown by its Number 1 ranking as of this morning) but please don't take my word for it. Take a chance and read the board if you're still on the fence about the strip. Go for the controversy; stay for the webcomic.

* Disclaimer - Voting does involve signing up to the site. I am not responsible for any spam mail that may or may not be sent your way as a result of signing up to vote for this contest. *

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