Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dark Knight back on the Viral Campaign

After making some changes to their decidedly viral marketing promotion due to Heath Ledger's passing, it appears that the Ad team who is running the Warner Brothers has decided to go for a different tact than the "Why Be So Serious?" one of late last year, according to SlashFilm. This new initiative has a a couple of vans tooling around the country in efforts to campaign Harvey Dent for District Attorney while having some Dent "protesters" with slogans like "Dent is Two-Faced", "Your Future Decided by a Coin Flip" and "Change We Can't Believe In!"; all phrases are in reference to the eventual turn of Dent to the double head coin-flipping villain Two-Face.
I am a real big fan of this type of viral advertising. My own brush with one was with the first X-Men film. FOX had mutant protesters outside Clinton's Re-Election celebration in downtown DC and had some cameramen take some footage of it for some sort of publicity. I tried to get closer and talk with the protesters but security wasn't having any of it. Totally bummer because I wanted to find out how to get involved with that stuff because it looked like a blast. Just like this one does. Man, to be young and willing to work for nothing...

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