Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Sox players are stand up guys for BoSox staff

Breaking news just this after noon as the Boston Red Sox players unanimously agreed to boycott today's final spring training game and refuse to board their charter plane to Japan based on the fact that MLB withdrew a $40K stipend to the team's coaching and training staff.

However, this brouhaha might be over as soon as it began as it appears that there is a settlement in the works, according to the Boston Globe:

The Boston Red Sox have returned to the field for their spring training
game, now scheduled to begin an hour late amid a boycott over pay dispute for
their Japan trip. The players had refused to play the final spring
training game in Florida and threatened to boycott their flight to Japan for
their season openers unless their coaches and other staff are paid for the trip.
There has been some type of settlement in the coaches dispute or at least
progress made. We'll have more as news comes out.

It must be good for the MLBPA to see its members take such a positive public stand; especially since the union has been taking a beating from all of the non-preventative action they took about the league's steroids epidemic.

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