Friday, March 14, 2008

Mock 1st Round Pick for the Patriots by Mike Reiss on The Worldwide Leader

When checking the scores of the Ohio State-Michigan State Big Ten Tourney game (which the Spartans won behind 28 pts by Neitzel), I saw this link to a mock draft clip for the Pats with Mike Reiss.

Wait until the :41 second mark and you'll hear First Take host Jay Stephens leave Reiss hanging out to dry with about two seconds of silence. The Patriots Beat Reporter for the Globe does his best to quickly fill the vacuum with actual factual analysis.

It probably was a technical issue. Or maybe it was due to Stephens running back to the set after downing down a vodka shot with fellow host, noted ESPN drunkard and Carol Burnett cartoon look-alike Dana Jacobson (comparison picture below). One could only hope..

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